Brownies Crumbs~ 1:57am

Brownies Crumbs~ 1:57am

Wow, it has been an amazing two weeks; we made it through National Brownie Day, bruised but not battered😊 Full throttle no brakes, from working out the kinks in this website to making sure the right brownies liners are in stock. What I can say is this: the food business lets you fail fast and for those who can put ego aside, learn quickly to be agile more than any six sigma course can teach you. This is what I signed up for over 30 years ago and to show my kids is something special.

I will continue to share my insights on brownies and the things that hinder me from keeping brownies on my mind. Because we all have a million things to do and when you order our brownies, we want you to sit and relax, exhale and taste the sweeter side of life~


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